This is my official site!

Yes, I am the "REAL" Taylor Ashley Parks

This site will change soon, and it will become my official modeling site, that will display all of my photo shoots, jobs etc., the photos are the property of myself and the photpgraphers' so please refrain from taking them.  The new photos will be uploaded as soon as the site has been modified.

I am currently in a contest with American Eagle to be part of their next campaign, I would love if you could vote for me.  I entered late 8/9/2012 and you can vote daily.  The next step is into the Finals.  So please vote for me if you can.  Thank you so much for all of your support you have given me.  Here is the link to vote:

American Eagle Contest

Agencies, Agents, and PR Companies:

Because there have been so many fake sites put up of me globally, agents that have tried to reach me and haven't been able too, due to there being so many fake sites of me globally and unfortuantely they have made contact with fakes me!  But, I can be reached at subject line should be for what type of work you want me to do for your company i.e, apperances, acting, modeling, product reviews, fashion shows.

My only current information I have is one real youtube account which is, one private facebook page!  my twitter account is @hellotaytayy, all this information and more is on my youtube account.

The one wonderful thing that has happened throughout the years, is I have met such great people world wide, on a more personal level; with emails and cards that you have sent to me!  I appreciate every single one and everyone that has been so positive.  I can't thank you all enough!

Thank you all so much for all your support!


to so many of you who have helped in trying to get a lot of the fake sites down!  I know they keep popping up world wide and I it does bother me mainly when people use my name and photos, you are not representing me in a positive way!  It is really hurts when someone does that and then puts up things that are not true!  I don't drink, I don't do drugs, I am not a "slut" and these things are hurtful to me, my family, friends and to people that have told me that they see me as a role model.  So please if you read that stuff it is not true! Now with the site Urban Dictionary, they can say anything about anyone and there is nothing that I can do about it.  I am not the only one they are defaming either.

I do not smoke, use drugs, or drink and I am very proud to be be able to say that.  And I want to thank so many of you for appreciating my honesty about this.  And I am proud to be a role model to so many young people.  Thank you!  It makes me feel good to be able to help others that feel all the pressures we have to go through, but most important is that you have to be true to yourself and not let anyone make you feel you have to do anything you are not confortable doing.

I know many people have asked me how did I become the first Global Internet "Super Site Model"!  And how can you?  Honestly, it is something that just happened and nothing I did to become a site model.  Unforntuantely, it is not as great as some may think and I don't recommend finding youself in this position.  but if you want to model, find a good agency if your goal is to model or act.  Unfortunately, the title that was given to me, has actually hidered my career and now with the help of so many of you, I am working towards rebuilding that goal!

"Increase the Peace"

will be complete my the February 2012.  I am hoping that you will read the inforamtion below for contact information!  

™ 2008 Taylor Ashley Parks